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Outsource Customer Care Call Center Services

Customer Care Call Center Outsourcing Services


The delivery of excellent customer care is a critical factor in the success of any organization. Customer service that is efficient, prompt and going beyond expectations will ensure a satisfied, happy and loyal client base, and will attract positive referrals. iServa InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., a leading Customer Care Call Center Outsourcing Services provider with more than 16 years of experience, empowers your business’ customer relationship management efforts through its efficient customer services tailored for your every need.

Your Business needs to convey an ideal client involvement with every single administration or deals touch point, building an association with the client that supports steadfastness and goads income development. Actually it can be an almost unthinkable objective for organizations that don’t have the right innovation, operational understanding, areas, or then again direct information of industry best practices that assistance decrease client efforts and upgrade the customer journey. iServa takes out the obstacles and hindrances contact centers focuses face to empower an easy experience customer journey. We utilize our extraordinary ability into the whole client adventure to plan and convey the ideal client encounter for your image, following and estimating all through our commitment to  give ceaseless change. Our iServa Global Business Operational Model is a exclusive system of standards, rehearses, and devices that empowers the progressing superior of client administrations we give as a component of your customer journey. We consolidate this model with our restrictive Iserva examination programs and omni channel innovation to enable you to accomplish your customer service objectives, be it a higher Net Promoter Score, better first contact resolution, reduced customer effort, or other key business metrics.

Comprehensive Customer Care That Fulfils Your Every Business Need

iServa info tech’ repertoire of customer care offerings include customized customer service, after sales support, revenue management and order processing services, among others. With our comprehensive inbound and outbound call center support, email management, live chat and mobile SMS/text support, we address all the needs of your customers and enhance your brand value by implementing your Customer Relationship Management strategy, by functioning as a seamless extension of your business.

Why Outsource Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services To iServa?

Here are some valid reasons why you can depend upon iserva’ outsourcing services for ensuring a seamless, efficient, and productive inbound call center service:

iServa info tech has greater than 16 years’ experience in providing high quality inbound call center service and customer care support to various businesses and organizations.We have experienced customer service professionals with the requisite skills and expertise hones our inbound call center services. They have considerable experience in attending to inbound customer and service calls and providing satisfaction.

The latest data and voice communication systems are in place along with dedicated internet connectivity that facilitates efficient call reception and answering.We ensure regular training and development of inbound call center staff to ensure that they are always above par, with respect to communication skills, industry knowledge and customer service.Customized inbound call center service packages available as per your organization’s requirements.

We offer different payment schemes based on your requirements. Uninterrupted 24 x7x 365 support available to all our clients; businesses can rest assured that their customers would receive immediate attention at all times. This helps in boosting customer retention, engagement, and customer loyalty.We adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Our Quality Assurance team monitors all our inbound call center operations and ensures that all operations fulfill the industry norm.We provide enhanced market coverage, market-testing facilities, web reporting services, remote call monitoring etc.Our competent services ensure reduction in the call abandonment rates and increased customer satisfaction.