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Client Retention

Client Retention is a noteworthy major focusfor 
organizations in about each industry today—after 
all it's far more cost effective to keep your 
present clients than it is to obtain new ones. But 
for the contact center to have a measurable impact 
on reducing customer retenetion, it needs insight 
into the drivers of customer churn, which customers 
are likely to defect, and the best way to drive a 
more positive outcome for those customers and your 

Iserva provides the significant knowledge, proven 
process and technology and skilled agents
procedures and innovation, and skilled agents 
operators it takes to quantifiably enhance client 
retention and reduce turnover. We begin by 
deivering a pertinent and contextual customer 
journet that transforms a more profound association 
with all of your clients.

At that point we'll taken the abundance of 
information accessible from operations, finanace, 
voice of the customer, and more to reveal signla 
for the drivers of client retention and the 
practices that signal for client planing to leave. 
Utilizing our Iserva examination programs, we will 
recognize clients with a inclination to client 
retentions and portion them into gatherings by 
potential rate of profitability.